Windows Phone 7 – Outlook Web Access Certificate Problems – Error 80072F06


I’m having huge problems setting up my OWA Account on my WP7. Whenever I want to sync it shows me that there is a invalid certificate with the Error Code 80072F06.


For all of you that are using Exchange Server with Self-Issued Certificate, when syncing you Windows Phone 7 with your Exchange Account, you will get the Error Message saying Attention is Required and that Certificate is not Signed.

As I know, there is of course no Settings where you can see or change certificates on your Phone, so the easiest way is to install the Certificate over the Browser. Simply send your self a Certificate (.cer) per E-Mail and open it over OWA, or just put it somewhere on HTTP for download.
Hold your finger for a few seconds on the Link, then open it on the Window, and you will get a screen asking you if you would like to install this Certificate.

After that you will be able to Sync with our Exchange account 🙂

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Your Current Security Settings Do Not Allow This File To Be Downloaded

When downloading a file on Internet Explorer the following security alert appears: “Your Current Security Settings Do Not Allow This File To Be Downloaded”

1. Tools -> Internet Options
2. Under Security Tab select Internet zone
3. Click on Custom level…
4. Under Downloads Setting select File Download and select Enable Option
5. Select OK and On Warning Dialog “Are you sure you want to change the settings for this zone?” Select Yes

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Earn Money from XNA and Xbox LIVE Community Games

Microsoft announced the pricing plan for XNA Community Games on Xbox LIVE.
This payment plan is fairly flexible allowing to charget between 2.50 and 10.00 dollars for our games on Xbox LIVE.
Microsoft will let you keep 70 percent of the profit and may even advertise the game for you if it is very successful.
More information here.
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FX Composer 2.5 released

FX Composer 2.5, the latest version of NVIDIA’s powerful shader development environment, has been released.

FX Composer supports DirectX, OpenGL, HLSL, Collada FX, and CgFX, as well as the .fbx, .x, .3ds, .obj, and .dae file formats for importing geometry.

More information

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Microsoft Souce Analysis for C#

Microsoft Source analysis is an interesting program that can analyze your C# software and inform you of issues derived from coding styles. The ultimate goal of Source Analysy is to allow you produce elegant, consistent code that your team members and others who your code will find highly readable.
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Microsoft World Wide Telescope

I’ve found out that Microsoft released a very cool app which gives us access to all the telescope imagery and space cartography from various telescope like hubble, chandra etc.
We can pan and zoom in the space imagery and explore stars, nebulas and galaxies!
More information and free download at the World Wide Telescope official homepage.
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Intel® Threading Challenge

If you love a good puzzle you can’t miss this.

Intel® multi-threading experts have pulled together some of our most interesting brain teasers to give us a chance to flex our threading skills.

See the Official Site for details.

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